Blood Cancers – what would you want to know?

Peripheral blood smear showing CLL cells

written by Julia Pon If you had leukemia or lymphoma, what would you want to know? As a medical student, I noticed a disconnect between the type of information that tends to be provided for patients, and the types of information medical students are taught: patient information booklets tend to focus on symptoms, tests and […]

OA journal for outreach activities? #hivemind request


I am lucky enough to work with some amazing people in an enrichment program for teens who love science. The leaders create activities to help students explore science in different ways. These exercises are usually more than the usual outreach or classroom activity – but they could be adapted to work within classrooms or for […]

Chemical-free cleaners don’t exist, so why am I still reading about them?

chemical sign

by Susan Vickers Chemophobia is major problem, and it is time scientists to do more to stop the press intensifying it. I welcome all discussion on ways to inform journalists and petition news agencies to report in a conscientious and scientifically correct manner. As a chemist, misuse of the term chemical frustrates me. The use […]

Restorative Calm

restorative calm

I know we are all too busy but sometimes you need a break. I’ve been unwell and spending a lot of mental energy on all the things that I wasn’t getting done. My wonderful husband set up a weekend in a small town on Vancouver Island. Taking a break helped me relax, reflect, and re-focus […]

Finkbeiner posts: round 2

One of our future scientists in the lab

More students writing about scientists! Not only do they get to learn about some cool science, they get to think about how communication can impact the take away message. Over half the students in our program are girls and yet our ‘wall of scientists photos are predominantly men. The students could write about either gender […]