Jury members: who killed Lovdeep?

Lovdeep Citrine, found dead in airline bathroom

The student investigators have provided their reasoning and conclusions for the murder of Lovdeep Citrine. We need a jury to decide who has made the best argument! Please read through the explanations (linked below) and let me know who you believe and why!  Note: if you want to see the evidence for yourself, it is […]

Another whodunit: Fictional airline CEO may have been murdered

Lovdeep Citrine, found dead in airline bathroom

  Every year, I create a mystery for students in the Future Science Leaders program to solve. There are several bits of evidence – some of it conflicting – and the students need to determine who did it and provide the evidence that supports their theory. If interested, you can read about the rationale of […]

A Canadian Hero: Terry Fox


Today is the 34th Terry Fox run – and the 34th time that I will run in this family event. Have you heard of Terry Fox?  He is a Canadian hero but people in other countries aren’t often aware of him. You can read a timeline of facts and much more at terryfox.org. Terry was 18 […]

Why do I blog?


I don’t know. But I have some ideas, especially after a great interview with Paige Brown. She is conducting research on how people choose what to blog and impacts that it can have on the larger media landscape. Paige asked some great open-ended questions in the manner of guided introspection to get me thinking. I […]

favourite graffiti

favourite graffiti

This is my favourite graffiti so far in Montreal. There is more every time that I look at it. I walked around Montreal in the morning but still didn’t have the best light. I added the fog to decrease the impact of the cars – but it may have brought more attention to them. via 500px

Mosaic vs chimera

mosaic chimera

Both terms refer to one organism with two or more distinct populations of cells * – but they are not interchangeable. The different cell lines in chimeras originally come from different zygotes whereas mosaics arise from the same zygote. Because mosaics start with the same genome, you expect them to be more similar than chimeras […]